Travel: My Quick Getaway List

You guys. Hendrix just turned 6 months old and up until about a week ago he would not take a bottle.  For the past 6 months we have been bound together going no longer than 3 hours apart! While I love those gummy smiles and open mouth slobbery kisses, it’s high time for a little me time. Naturally the minute the boy decided that he was ok with drinking from a bottle, I started planning trips, haha!  While he is still quite young I know that this isn’t the time for me to go too far just yet, and I am okay with that.  Now I am focused on “weekenders”.  These are trips you can go on and for 2 or 3 days and then come back ready to take on the real world again.  I have compiled my list of quick getaway trips that I am set to go on this year that won’t break the bank and will feed the need for a much needed getaway or two.

Travel: My 2018 Quick Getaway List, Travel on a budget and in style


In June I am going to Atlanta, GA on a girl’s trip and I cannot wait.  I have never been to Hotlanta so this will be a first that I am sure will go down in the books!  When planning a girl’s trip you have to make sure it’s the right mix of girls.  Ladies that you know will get along and you know can go with the flow.  The crew I am rolling with is just that!  My older sister who is my A1, my bestie who knows what I am thinking just by one look, my effortlessly stylish friend who we will all roll our eyes at when she gets dressed for the trip because she literally just woke up like that, the boy mom friend who looks for any excuse to do girly things, and my super chill friend who goes with the flow but is quick to tell me when I am doing too much (because I like to cram lots of things to see and do in a short amount of time!) Speaking of list of things to do, ours includes: all things Real Housewives of Atlanta, shopping in Buckhead, lots of brunching with hopeful run ins with TI, Usher, and NeNe.  This will be the perfect 3 day getaway to see the sights, drink the bellinis, and get back home to hubs and the kids!  This will be my first time being away from them.Travel: My 2018 Quick Getaway List, Travel on a budget and in style
Travel: My 2018 Quick Getaway List, Travel on a budget and in style


I have heard nothing but good things about this hidden gem in Mexico! I don’t have any concrete plans for this trip but I know that this is my year for Tulum and there is no better person to go there with than my husband.  What has peaked my interest about Tulum is the hidden hotels.  It’s almost as if you are in a tree house.  This sounds like the perfect time for Cameron and I to unplug and just enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle. Just a 3 hour plane ride to Cancun and a 45 minute car ride and we are there.  On the list of things to do: bike ride to quaint little restaurants that serve authentic Mexican food and ceviche, lay around on the beach, visit the Mayan ruins. With such a short plane ride, Tulum makes the perfect weekend getaway for this Houston girl.Travel: My 2018 Quick Getaway List, Travel on a budget and in style


My BFF and I have been talking about going on a trip to Charleston for a while now.  We have dreams of riding bikes past the plantations in our sundresses, staying at a BNB, and sipping mint juleps on the front porch (I don’t know whose front porch but somebody in Charleston’s front porch!) With life happening we continue to push back the date of this southern dream get away, but this year is our time to finally do it! Things to do: find out what’s in a mint julep, hunt down The Notebook house, cross our fingers that Noah still lives in said Notebook house, eat all the southern things.Travel: My 2018 Quick Getaway List, Travel on a budget and in style


Another trip to Mexico? Why not?!  Another girl’s trip? Why not?!  This may be the most anticipated trip for me only 12 years in the making!  My college roommates who are spread out around the US are meeting up in Cancun in July after not being all together in over a decade.  We have all changed so much since college and I am so excited to see everyone as real live grown ups!  Through group texts and facebook messenger we finally made it happen and I hope this is the first of many girl’s trips like this with this bunch. On the to-do list: catch up on life, sleep in, lay out on the beach, eat and drink our fill at an all-inclusive adult only resort, and laugh…lots and lots of laughing.

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