Game Day Treats: Texans Football Jersey Rice Crispy Treats

I recently had a Texans game watch party and I wanted to combine one of my pregnancy cravings, rice crispy treats, with a little team spirit. For my party I created these super easy Texans Football Jersey Rice Crispy Treats that you can tailor to fit whatever team you love with a few simple steps.


Game Day Recipe: Football Whoopie Pies

I have to admit, I am a sucker for sweets! Not only is eating (and drinking) them my weakness, but I also love making them. Sometimes when I am planning game day food I have to remind myself to have a menu that includes savory snacks too! Last year for a Super Bowl watch party at my friend’s house I was in charge of bringing the sweets (obviously). Among the three options the game day recipe that I am sharing with you today was the crowd favorite. These Football Whoopie Pies are sure to be a “fan favorite” with for your next watch party too, trust me!


National Taco Day Recipe: Jalapeño Ranch Dip

Cameron and I both have our little “things” that we put our signature on around the house. There is a certain way that I fold shirts that are my “thing”, there is a certain way he makes coffee that is totally his “thing”. I make really good cornbread and he makes really great Jalapeño ranch dip. In light of it being National Taco Day, I wanted to share Cameron’s jalapeño ranch dip recipe with ya’ll because not only does it go great with tortilla chips, but it’s also amazing to drizzle on top of a taco.