3 Ways To Get Big Game Party Ready, Now

With the holidays behind us, I couldn’t help but start thinking about what’s next as far as getting together with family and friends for a good time. The Big Game is one of my favorite celebrations to start the beginning of the year because of the food, fun, and commercials! Today I am sharing 3 ways to start planning ahead and get Big Game party ready, now.


Big Game Recipe: Sweet Potato Bacon + Beef Sliders

Now that we know the two teams competing for the whole enchilada I feel like I can really get into the spirit of the Big Game. Many of you know that I have been preparing for this game by offering up some fantastic recipes and cocktails to serve at your watch party. While some of these recipes are delicious, ooey gooey, and down right cute, they may leave out some of your more health conscience guest who my be holding tight to their New Year’s resolution diets! With today’s recipe I decided to switch to something a bit lighter without sacrificing flavor and sticking to the Big Game theme.


Olive Cheese Bites Perfect For Game Day

Maybe I was a little inspired after my recent trip to Israel. Everywhere you go there are olives. We went by numerous olive presses, olives were a part of every meal, we literally visited a place called the “Mount of Olives”. So I think it’s high time that I incorporated them into the perfect bite-sized game day appetizers to serve during the big game.


Super Bowl Recipe Guide- Free Download

Only two more weeks until Super Bowl 51 and I can’t believe it’s so close! Even though I have been planning my Super Bowl watch party menu since the ball dropped on 2017, I figured most of the rest of the country hadn’t even thought about it. In an effort to “help a sista’ (or brother) out” I made this Super Bowl Recipe Guide, free for you to download!