Spring Awakening + Exciting New Ventures

The mornings are cool, the days are hot, and the air is full of pollen here in Houston.  This means one thing.  Spring is on the horizon!  I typically dread the Spring because of allergies and yellow dusted vehicles, but I have to say, after wiping tiny runny noses 2 straight months, 3 days of being shut in due to icy roads, and nursing a sick husband back to life from the stomach flu, I am so over Winter this year!  As I have been huddled in at home for various reasons I have been working on a few projects that I am completely stoked to share this Spring, beginning with the launch of the Sideline Socialite T-Shirt Shop!

With the coming of Spring the weather is always that strange mix of cold and hot, rainy and dry.  Because you never know what you are going to get, it’s a good idea to wear transitional outwear that you can keep on or take off as needed.  Because it’s Spring I LOVE throwing in punches of color in my outfits and I couldn’t resist the pop of yellow in this easy breezy jacket.

I love how even with a t-shirt on you can still be bold and stand out with a pop of color.  I have a slight obsession with capes and I think they are wonderful this time of year.  Capes allow air to flow in but you are still covered during those brisk Spring mornings.  What better to pair with my black and white tee than a red open front cape blazer.

I have always wanted to have a little shirt shop with graphic t-shirts and I am so happy that I am finally able to check it off my list.  I was thinking of a shirt that I wanted to wear during the Super Bowl but all I could think about was the fact that they were about to reveal what really happened to our beloved Jack on This Is Us (forget about the actual game)!  Thus the “This Is Us” shirt was born!  The inspiration for my shirt shop comes from all the things that I love which was heavily inspired by my writing on the Sideline Socialite Blog:  Sports, Family, Culture, Humor.  I hope that you love my simple designs!




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