Sideline Socialite: New Look, New Features

Sometimes a girl needs to get a little work done. I am not talking a face-lift, but you know, an eyebrow tweeze here, lip wax there, add some highlights for good measure.  The same rings true for Sideline Socialite.  This ‘ol girl has been running a good part of 3 years and it was time for an update (besides, everyone loves a good makeover story!) I hope you guys love the Sideline Socialite new look, new features, and more!

I want to level with ya’ll.  I really don’t give a rip about sports.  In the last three years I have gradually come to adore basketball however.  Not so much the game watching part, but observing the different personalities. I surprisingly know enough to hold a pretty good back and forth with my husband and his buddies (NBD). I don’t care about football.  I do love me some JJ Watt, but I couldn’t tell you anything about his on field performance.  What I do know, is that my husband Cameron really got into sports out of nowhere one day and so, I had to adjust.  Cameron wants to have his brother and dad over to watch a Rockets game, they order pizza and I make cookies.  Cookies make everything more enjoyable, don’t they!


Here’s a pic of me and hubs with James Harden (Houston Rockets).  At the time we were invited to take this locker room pic, I had no idea that James was like…a really good player and that this would be a real life celebrity encounter.  This picture was taken before he started dating Kardashians though, so I didn’t get kooties.

So that’s what this is all about?  Sideline Socialite is switching gears (and WordPress themes) and focusing on how you, a person who loves someone who loves sports, can adapt and enjoy the game despite your disinterest!

New Look, New Features:

  • Really great game day/sporting event party hosting tips
  • DIY ideas to rep your (mostly your significant other’s) favorite team
  • Game day fashion ideas and tips!  Really excited about this one!  Visit Sideline Socialite’s t-shirt page all designed by yours truly, like this one!  Perfect for the H-Town girl headed to yoga class…
    Sideline Socialite Namast'ay
    Photo Source:

    …or the mom trying to wrestle with her kid to take the perfect first birthday picture for the invitations

    Photo Source:
  • Ideas on how to class up a tailgate
  • What’s staying the same: Commentary on who’s who and what’s what in sports that has nothing to do with sports
  • Also staying the same: Me keeping it real

And in the spirit of all things fresh and new go ahead and subscribe on the right sidebar, follow SS on Instagram: @sidelinesocialite Twitter: @side_socialite and FB: Sideline Socialite you won’t want to miss what we have coming up…especially with the Olympics coming up this summer!




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