JJ Watt and Kate Hudson, A Moment of Silence As Hearts Break ‘Round the World

Hearts everywhere are breaking.  Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas including everyones favorite football hunk of all things that is smothered, fried, buttered and battered, so hot you want to sop him up with a biscuit, JJ Watt of the Houston Texans…I digress.  News just broke that Justin James Watt (27) was on a date with a famous hollywood starlet. I think we all knew it would happen one day, we just weren’t ready for it to be today. I literally felt like I needed to take a sick day to process the news.  Every single girl in Houston dreams of meeting JJ Watt perhaps by bumping into him at a local HEB or BBQ joint. Sorry to crush those dreams girls, because JJ has possibly found a high-profile boo.  None other than Kate “man-eater” Hudson (36).

Here’s a look at JJ Watt and Kate Hudson’s cute little snap chat interaction on their date (eye roll)

Why her JJ?  Sure she’s blonde and hot but I would have pictured JJ’s type as someone more…IDK, girl next-door, younger, sweeter.  Like these girls…

1. Jennifer Lawrence

 2. Julianne Hough

3. Miranda Lambert

4. I could even get down with JJ+Katy Perry

But Kate Hudson? WHYYYYYYYYY  ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US JJ?!  Further more, is JJ even Kate’s type?!  JJ Watt is meat and potatoes, Kate’s past husbands/boyfriends are more like…kale, and swiss chard.

1. Matt Bellamy (Muse) Husband No. 2

2. Chis Robinson (Black Crows) Husband No. 1

3. Nick Jonas-Boy Toy

JJ Watt is known for being extremely focused when it comes to football season.  I hope this budding relationship doesn’t distract him and more importantly doesn’t kill his mo-jo.  Only time will tell. I know Texans fans will be watching like a hawk to see if Kate is at the games.  And if she is, are we winning or losing when she’s there?  Kate, may the odds be ever in your favor because if we have a losing streak because of you, Texans fans show no mercy.  Remember what happened with Jessica Simpson when she was dating Tony Romo?


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