Russell Wilson and Ciara are Engaged!

Well, looks like Russell Wilson (QB for the Seattle Seahawks) and Ciara (singer) will be one, two, steppin’ down the aisle in the near future (see what I did there?)  The two have been dating since April 2015 but their relationship really made headlines when they made it public that they would be abstaining from sex until marriage.

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I have to say that I am happy for Ciara.  It was not so long ago that I was minding my own business, listening to my iTunes library on shuf when a throw back “Oh” by Ciara ft. Ludacris came on.  After cranking up the bass and lip-syncing like a boss in my mommy-mobile (I literally have a baby on board sign on my back windshield), I thought to myself  “what ever happened to Ciara?” Her and I have had a love/hate relationship.  My heart broke when she made this provocative video with my main celebrity boo Justin Timberlake.  I thought for sure they were going to have a “thing” after this much on-screen sizzle.  So I swore her off.  Like for real!

But then they didn’t and he ended up marrying Jessica Beal and having a cute baby with her, so whatev…I forgive Ciara. I am happy that Ciara found someone that gives her real-life sizzle.

Russell Wilson and Ciara took to Insagram after the proposal, which happened in The Seychelles. And they seem pretty stinkin’ giddy about the whole thing.

I Feel Complete. ❤️

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And this…

She said Yes!!! Since Day 1 I knew you were the one. No Greater feeling… #TrueLove @Ciara

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And this…

Mazel Tov to Russel Wilson and Ciara!  May they make beautiful athletic singing babies together!


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