No Kids Allowed: The Adam LaRoche Saga

Ok. Let me preface this by saying…I don’t know much about baseball, like, at all but let me tell you what I do know. Typically the locker room in ANY sport is not a place for kids!  Last Tuesday first baseman Adam LaRoche of the Chicago White Sox announced his retirement (foregoing $13 Mil left on his contract) after he had a “talking to” by the White Sox chairman about not having his kid around the locker room so much, ki ki-ing with the other players, all up in the players biz.  Adam of course believed the White Sox organization to be a “kid-friendly environment” and told the team peace out if you don’t want my kid here.

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Some of you might think that LaRoche should be applauded for standing up as a dad and wanting to spend as much time with his son Drake as possible.  Of what I do know about baseball, it is the sport with the longest season so there can be a lot of time away from family.  Lord knows there are plenty of dead-beat dads out there so, shouldn’t we be happy that Adam wants to put in the time with his kid?

Nope.  When 14 year old Drake has his own stinking locker within the clubhouse, that is a little excessive IMO!  And we may not KNOW KNOW what all goes on in the locker room, but we all KNOW what goes on in the locker room! You can imagine what all is said and done by professional athletes!  Profanity, stories of conquests, drugs, sex, rock-and-roll!  I wouldn’t want my kid around all that locker room talk.  And you know what, I am sure the players in the clubhouse got sick and tired of having to censor themselves around a little squirt kid!  I am surprised they let it go for this long.  And what I really want to know is, why isn’t the boy in school?  He’s out shagging balls, and chatting up players, why aren’t you in class?!

Adam LaRoche’s bestie on the team, Chris Sale, was saddened by LaRoche AND Drake’s abrupt departure and had a lot to say about it
Pump the breaks Chris Sale!  You can’t have a 14 year old team “mascot” whoopin’ it up with grown men day in and day out! So let’s all take a moment and remember the good times, hope for the best with Drake and his schooling, and bid a sincere “bye Felicia” to Drake and all the kids to follow with their own clubhouse lockers.  If this trend catches fire in pro sports that could be bad news for Doc Rivers and his son Austin.


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