NBA All-Star Fashion 2016

Just in case you didn’t know, the NBA All-Star game happened this weekend.  I know, right, happy freaking Valentine’s Day if your man was glued to the TV on Sunday!  The jist of it all is that the best NBA players in the Western Conference play the best NBA players in the East.  But since no one is really trying to get hurt, it’s more like a play-play game where they are just competing for giggles.  There are leading events (Slam dunk contest, skills challenge, and a 3-point shooting contest) where the best of the best compete against each other.  NBA All-Star weekend is one BIG ki-ki between celebrities and athletes.  Everyone who is anyone is there and the after parties are all the rage.  This year the NBA All-Star weekend happened in Toronto.  Here is a look at the fashion from some of our favorite ballers over NBA All-Star weekend.

1. Tim Duncan- San Antonio Spurs

Photo Source: CBSSports

2. Riley Curry- Daughter of MVP Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Photo Source:

The top knot, the side knots, are giving me life. #fierce as always.

3. James Harden- Houston Rockets

Photo Source:

4. Damian Lillard- Portland Trail Blazers

Photo Source: Instagram @damianlillard

Giving us some serious Mad Men vibes.  I can dig it!

5. Russel Westbrook- Oklahoma City Thunder (I couldn’t pick just one, he’s just too fly!)

Photo Source:
Photo Source:
Photo Source:
Photo Source:

IDK about a denim trench tho.  Maybe it would fly in ’92.

And because what really mattered this past weekend was that it was opening weekend for Zoolander 2…

Photo Source:



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