Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Super Bowl 50 commercials have been hyped up for weeks! I heard all of this uproar about commercials last week, but I never saw the Pantene commercial, I have Puppy Monkey Baby stuck in my head and I’m surprisingly contemplating a Prius after Toyota’s new Prius Commercial (just kidding). Here is my list of the best Super Bowl 50 commercials!


1. Best Overall Commercial: Kevin Heart Hyundai Commercial “First Date”

2. Most Likely to Shut Down the Twitterverse: Beyonce Formation Tour

3. Funniest: Doritos Baby

4. Most Likely to Warm Your Heart: Seal feat. Super Bowl Babies

5. Best Sense of Humor: T – Mobile and Drake

6. Best Overall Quality: Buick



Honorable Mention

7. Pepsi Feat. Janelle Monae

8. Amazon Echo

9. Avocados from Mexico




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