4 Things Every Girl Needs To Know About Super Bowl 50

Typically on Super Sunday you can find me tuned out until Beyonce comes, breaks the stadium, drops the mic which fades to a 15 minute black out.  Yeah…that’s where the game starts and ends with me.  If someone were to make me pick a side, I would respond by who has the better uniforms or the better looking quarterback.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the spirit of it all.  I like the snacks, and kiki-ing with my girlfriends about the latest episode of Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce.  I like when a big play happens and you hear the roar from the guys in the other room.  And it’s so cute when the guys run in to give us ladies high-fives as if we are actively participating too.  As if they had been cheering for “their” team the whole season when really they were forced to choose between the two teams because their real team sucked all year.  All this aside, here are what I feel are the important things every girl needs to know about Super Bowl 50 (hint: it has nothing to do with records or stats).

1. The Two Teams Playing

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

This is the 8th appearance for the Broncos in the Super Bowl however they have only had 2 wins.



Carolina Panthers
Carolina Panthers

This is the second Super Bowl appearance for the panthers.  The first one no one really remembers who was playing because we were too concerned about Janet Jacksons “wardrobe malfunction” than to worry about teams or players that year.

2. The Quarterbacks 

Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers (26 years old)

Photo Source: Reddit.com
Photo Source: Reddit.com

Well, if his smile isn’t the whole enchilada, I don’t know what is!
[list style=”heart”]
[li]Southern boy who loves Jesus[/li]
[li]Graduated with a Sociology degree from Auburn[/li]
[li]A pescetarian (only eats fish)[/li]
[li]Recently welcomed a son named Chosen Sebastian Newton with long time girlfriend[/li]

Peyton Manning- Denver Broncos (39 years old)

Photo Source: TheOdysseyOnline.com
Photo Source: TheOdysseyOnline.com

An oldie but a goodie
[list style=”arrow-right”]
[li]5 time NFL MVP[/li]
[li]Focus has always been faith, family, football in that order[/li]
[li]Owns a chain of Papa John’s[/li]
[li]Basically an NFL legend in which this may or may not be his last year playing[/li]

3. Half Time Entertainment-

Coldplay with Beyonce…but really anytime there is Beyonce there is no one else on stage really so I would consider it JUST BEYONCE #sorrynotsorry Coldplay.  Here’s a taste…


4. All About the Benjamin’s

[list style=”check”]
[li]The cost of a 30 second commercial spot is $4M[/li]
[li]A Regular admission ticket will cost anywhere from $850-$1,800 per ticket | Club Seats $3,000 per ticket[/li]
[li]Super Bowl 50 will generate at least $620M in revenue[/li]
[li]Americans will consume 1.2B chicken wings during the Super Bowl[/li]

So.  I am pretty sure I am “going for” Cam and the Carolina Panthers.  Peyton has his Super Bowl wins, and I think it’s time to pass the torch to someone new.  Not to mention, I want to see Cam Newton do this when he wins.




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