2016 Trump NBA All-Star Roster

Recently, the NBA dropped the roster for the 2016 All-Star game in Toronto. After spending the majority of my time last week bedridden during Winter Storm Jonas, I had a lot of time to browse free iPhone apps to pass the time. One of those app downloads was Trump Yo Self! Just for pure entertainment, I decided to take the 2016 NBA All-Star roster and Trump them. For my Socialites who have no clue what the NBA All-Star game is, it’s essentially a game between the top players from the East and the West. Think of it as a game just for kicks and giggles (funsies) and a chance to play in the host city.

Eastern Conference All-Stars

1. LeBron James (Cavaliers)

MVP Trump


2. Paul George (Pacers)

Calm Trump


3. Carmelo Anthony (Knicks)

Street Trump


4.  Dwyane Wade (Heat)

Somebody’s uncle Trump


5. Kyle Lowry (Raptors) 

Is it just me or does the Trump version of Kyle have the Joel Osteen smile?


Western Conference All-Stars

1. Kobe Bryant (Lakers)

Legend Trump

Photo Source: Odyssey
Photo Source: Odyssey

2. Kevin Durant (Thunder)

Annoyed Trump

Photo Source: SWR
Photo Source: SWR

3. Kawhi Leonard (Spurs)

Chill Trump

Photo Source: Bleacher Report
Photo Source: Bleacher Report


4.  Stephen Curry (Warriors)

Curry could actually pull off a Trump look-a-like contest!

Photo Source: CBS Sports
Photo Source: CBS Sports

5. Russell Westbrook (Thunder) 

Hype Trump

Photo Source: The Source
Photo Source: The Source

Your 2016 NBA All-Stars have officially been Trump’s!


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