Olympics 2016 Is Upon Us

Since I can remember, watching the Summer Olympics every 4 years has been a tradition. The excitement is tangible and it feels as though your country is coming together and simultaneously rooting for one team, Team USA! Even people who haven’t paid attention to any sports for the past 3 1/2 years (and that’s a lot of us, let’s be real) can chime in on what’s going on during Olympics season. Olympics 2016 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is right around the corner (August 5) and I am so looking forward to getting together with friends and family and watching our favorite events.  Diving, swimming, and beach volleyball are some of my favorites to watch, but the ultimate for me is Gymnastics!  I can’t wait to see what my hometown girl and gymnastics Team USA frontrunner Simone Biles is going to do!

I decided that I would kick off Olympics-mania a little early this summer and share tips on how to throw a killer Olympics 2016 watch party.  I am so excited to share with you guys in the next couple of weeks as I show you simple DIY decor, food, and libations that will wow guests at YOUR very own watch party.  I will be hosting my own for the opening ceremony which is probably my favorite thing about the Olympics.  I love seeing all the countries (some of which I never even knew existed) with their team colors and uniforms waving their flags.  I can only imagine the pride they must feel as the world watches the culmination of all their hard work. This past weekend I got myself amped for Olympics 2016 with a little photoshoot…naturally.




Tips on how to make this super simple Olympic “olive leaf” victory crown coming soon!  A perfect accessory for the party hostess.



And of course my Cami-girl needed one in gold!



I can’t wait to start the Olympics watching tradition with this girl, and I think she’s ready too!



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