National Coffee Day: Coffee Date with The Bertuzzi’s

Today is National Coffee Day and I know some of you are thinking that you don’t need a designated day to drink or celebrate coffee.  So I decided that on this day, it would be a great idea for you guys to get to know me and Mr. Sideline Socialite a little better with a Q & A sesh over coffee! Grab your k-cup, your frappuccino, or your pumpkin spice and let’s chat over coffee, shall we?  Go on, I’ll wait…

National Coffee Day Sideline Socialite Bertuzzi Photography

Cam Stats:

  • Full name: Richard Cameron Bertuzzi goes by Cameron or Cam
  • The only Italian that doesn’t care for Italian food prefers Mexican food any day any time
  • Occupation: Photographer for Francesca’s (full-time), Freelance photography, weddings, family portraits, bloggers (side hustle)
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball, Favorite Team: The Houston Rockets
  • Has webbed toes…no he can’t swim faster because of it (which is always the follow up questions when people find out)

Britt Stats:

  • Was mascot for two years in high school (go bearkats!!!)
  • Trained in classical music (4-year scholarship = no college debt, whooooop, whooooop!)
  • Was a high school teacher for 5 1/2 years (still recovering, haha!)
  • Occupation: Admin at Anointed Faith Family Church (full-time), Blogger (side hustle)
  • Favorite Sport(s): Crafting, Reality TV watching, Brunching

Team Stats:

  • Met in 2009 at church (Cam played lead guitar, Brittany sang)
  • First date was to PF Chang, followed by going to see “A Christmas Carol” at the theater (Brittany got car sick along the way)
  • Married on 1/1/11 (there are always fireworks on our anniversary)
  • We have 1 child, Camilla Marie, who is almost 1 1/2 and enjoys the Count Dracula on Sesame Street, lasagna, and identifying body parts
  • Our favorite thing to do together is travel, with plans to go to Israel in November and also binge watching seasons of “The Office”

National Coffee Day Sideline Socialite Bertuzzi Photography

Favorite coffee and how you take it:

CamStumptown. Drip or French Press (depending on the roast). And black, if it weren’t obvious.

Britt– I am more of a tea drinker. Chi Tea Lattes are my jam.  Green fruity teas are also awesome.  If I do drink coffee then it has to have lots of cream and sugar.

How is it working together to make Sideline Socialite happen?

Cam– It’s not bad. I have pretty extensive experience shooting models, so shooting Brittany is nothing new 🙂 We are discovering what works and what doesn’t work. We’ve tried bringing Cami to shoots, and as cute as she is, that has typically ended in frustration and chaos. So now we find a sitter while we shoot. Beyond photography, I hold down the back end of the website, making sure everything looks good and is running smoothly.

Britt– There are a lot of perks when you are sleeping with a photographer!  When I approached Cam about the direction I wanted to take my blog he was on board 100% and his photos have given me so much more confidence in making sure my readers have good quality visual content.  Has it been easy?  No, not all the time.  Sometimes I load Cameron up on shoots and it dominates our whole weekend.  Sometimes I want things to be edited immediately and Cam wants to play video games, and sometimes we can’t get a sitter to watch Cami while we shoot and it’s…chaotic to say the least.  We are still working out a good flow and that’s ok.  When we see it all come together it makes me stronger as a blogger and it helps that he is SUPER supportive of my Sideline Socialite blogging efforts beyond his picture taking.

National Coffee Day Sideline Socialite Bertuzzi Photography

What is the best thing about being married to each other?

Cam– Apart from basically being a better looking Beyoncé, Brittany is my intellectual equal. I love getting her thoughts and feedback. Not just on photography and the like, but about serious life questions. I’m heavily involved in Christian apologetics (an intellectual defense of Christianity). Getting her feedback on those sorts of questions is always interesting. We tend to come to many of the same conclusions without having talked previously. Great minds think alike!

Britt– Let’s see…It’s pretty freaking amazing being married to someone who works for Francesca’s.  There are lots of shoe and clothing perks to that!  Pretty stinking amazing to be married to a photographer. Photographer + Blogger is the perfect union!  The best thing I would say about being married to Cameron is that we have a lot of the same views (I am not talking about politically, because we don’t so much link up there…so ready for November 8th to come and go), but morally, and with day to day stuff, with difficult times, and in easy times we pretty much reason things out the same and that’s pretty awesome.  It makes bringing up a child together a lot easier. And in times where we don’t see eye to eye we at least try our best to see where the other is coming from.  And I appreciate that effort.

Biggest pet peeve 

Cam– Brittany can’t watch violent or suspenseful movies, which really limits the stuff we can watch. Sad!

Britt– Procrastination. I like to think things through and execute waaaaaaay ahead of time.

National Coffee Day Sideline Socialite Bertuzzi Photography

What is the best thing about being Camilla’s parents?

Cam– Cami is at that age where she’s beginning to be so much fun to play with. I could literally play with her all day (if I could). I love to make her laugh, tickle her neck, make farting noises (she loves those), hang her upside down, blow raspberries on her stomach, etc. She’s also been an incredibly easy baby. Super happy all the time, sleeps through the night. She’s basically the best human ever born (next to Jesus, of course).

Britt– Cami may not look like me but she definitely has my spirit (or at least that’s what I have to tell myself).  The best thing about being Camilla’s mommy is seeing how quickly she learns and how smart she is.  She’s a freaking genius, trust me!  I never knew babies/toddlers could be so funny.  Actually I didn’t know much about babies until having one.  She has a little sense of humor that I thoroughly enjoy.  She is sweet and loving and I love being on the receiving end of that sweetness.

Least favorite thing to do around the house

Cam– Dishes. Garbage doesn’t bother me as much as it should.

Britt– Paying bills.  I hate it.

National Coffee Day Sideline Socialite Bertuzzi Photography

What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

Cam– Seafood spaghetti at an Italian restaurant in downtown London.  It was cooked perfectly, tasted amazing and that’s about it.

Britt– I would have to say it was a decked out waffle from Wafflemeister in London.  Seriously y’all, I think my eyes crossed at how delicious it was.  It made no sense.  It’s a waffle.  I believe I had mine with gelato and nutella and to this day I have been craving it.  They only have locations are in the UK and The Middle East, and thankfully I wasn’t craving them when I was pregnant or else Cam would have a looooooong trip to make for some waffles, haha!

Greatest memory as a couple

Cam– I would have to say going to Europe for Brittany’s 30th birthday (London, Paris, Rome).  Really, anytime we get to travel together.  I love to explore new places with Brittany.

Britt–  We’ve had some good ones!  I think my favorite is when we found out I was pregnant.  Before we started trying I had these grand plans of doing something big to let Cameron know that he was going to be a dad.  I even had things pinned on Pinterest on “creative ways to tell him he is going to be a father”.  Little did I know it would take us nearly 8 months to actually conceive.  By that time I was starting to feel defeated so when it finally happened, all of those grand ideas went out the window.  I threw the pregnancy test down on the desk where he was typing and he asked if I was serious.  I remember he picked me up over his shoulder and I freaked out because I didn’t want him to squish my fetus, haha!  It was the sweetest moment just the two of us, no fanfare.

National Coffee Day Sideline Socialite Bertuzzi Photography

National Coffee Day Sideline Socialite Bertuzzi Photography

Got a burning question for me or Cameron?  Let us know in the comments!  This was fun!  Enjoy the rest of your National Coffee Day!




  1. First time I checked out your blog! You both are pretty amazing! Pretty cool that ya'll are also bros/sistas in Christ! Glad you are happy ! Your gifted!

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