10 Father’s Day Finds For Your Sports Lover

Until recently Father’s Day has generally been pretty straight forward for me.  My dad always wants the same thing every year, a gift card to the local movie theater.  And every year I get it for him he immediately tries to total up how many movies the gift card will afford him.  There were a few times I tried to change it up by getting him something I wanted him to have like  a new band for his Apple Watch, but I could read the disappointment in his face, ha!

This year is different now that I have a child.  Not only do I have to think about my dad, but I also have to consider my baby daddy.  When your kids are little it’s the mom’s responsibility to get the real Father’s Day gifts and the kid’s responsibility to make the hand print cards, misshapen clay mugs, and the popsicle stick picture frames.  Last year I sort of dodged Father’s Day for my husband because my daughter was 2 weeks old and the best I could muster up between feeling and looking like a zombie was to run to the drive-thru to get Father’s Day donuts.

Father's Day Sideline Socialite Cameron

Now that my husband Cameron (above with our princess Camilla) is a year deep into fatherhood, it’s time to pay the piper and get him a for real Father’s Day gift.  Cameron is a true sports lover so I used that as my starting point to compile this list of Father’s Day Finds For Your Sports Lover.

1. I Love When My Wife Lets Me Watch Sports Tee- $26.99


Father's Day Sideline Socialite Tee 2

This shirt is probably all too real in our household because the main times I want to snuggle up for a little boo time to talk about our day and reminisce about the past and dream about the future is the exact time Cameron wants to sit down with a beer and watch which ever Houston team is playing whatever game.  This tri-blend vintage American Apparel tee comes in 5 different colors and can be found here.

2. City Map Glass- $14

Father's Day Sideline Socialite City Map Glass

This gem of a find right here would be perfect for my bourbon and coke lovin’ husband!  These beauties are etched glass with the choice of 16 different cities.  Since my husband loves all things Houston sports, I would definitely get him a set of H-Town glasses.

3. Gift Assortment- $6-50

Father's Day Sideline Socialite Laydown

One of my favorite gift ideas is to make a “grab bag” of goodies instead of giving one gift. For the sport’s lover dad here are some really great items that he would be sure to love.  With my husband in mind I added a few Star Wars items because sports guys can be sci-fi nerds too, hee hee! (side note: we can never have enough coozies at my house!  I have no idea where they disappear to but I am going to be sure to load my husband up for Father’s Day.)  Check out the awesome Father’s Day selection at Francesca’s here.
Best Dad Ever Bottle Opener– $8
This Guy Is One Awesome Dad Mug– $12
Golfing: A Duffer’s Dictionary– $7.95
Darth Vader Shot Glass– $6
Best Dad Ever Coozie– $6
Yoda Coozie– $8


4. Authentic Stadium Seat Cufflinks-$180-200

Father's Day Sideline Socialite Cufflinks

Ok.  This is pretty stinking cool.  If your dad or husband dresses up for work or church, this would a really great Father’s Day gift!  Cufflinks made from salvaged stadium seats and sterling silver are perfect for your favorite baseball fan.  Check it out here.

5. Ticket Stub Diary- $12

Father's Day Sideline Socialite Ticket Stubs

I think this is a cool idea if your sports fan likes to go to the games instead of just watch them on TV.  There was a time, before kids of course, that Cameron and I had season tickets to the Rockets games.  This is a glorified scrapbook for tickets but I think the sentiment behind it is cool and your man would appreciate that. This ticket stub diary can be found here.

6. Mug With A Hoop- $24

Father's Day Sideline Socialite Mug With Hoop

Here’s a break from the regular old “world’s greatest dad” mug!  I am pretty sure my husband would be late to work from trying to make 3 pointers and “dunks” with his golden grahams with this mug.  Better yet, hot chocolate and marshmallow “balls”.  If your basketball fan needs this, go here.

7. Heating Pads- $32.95

Father's Day Sideline Socialite Heating Pad

“Heating pads for Father’s Day” you ask? YES!  I can’t tell you how many times my husband has come home from playing hoops with the boys with aches, pains, and injuries.  I probably just need to have the heating pad and/or ice ready when he gets home from playing basketball.  My dad could also definitely benefit from this super cool and unassuming heating pad with his “trick knee”. Trust me, they will be really thankful for this gift whether they want to admit it or not. You can find this on Etsy here.

8. “A Tribute To Muhammad Ali: Greatest of All Time” Book- $122.49

Father's Day Sideline Socialite Muhammad Ali Book

I really love giving books as gifts.  I feel like it’s the gift that keeps giving!  For your boxing fan and in memorandum of his recent passing, this book is a great gift not only as a coffee table book, but a great way to re-live the incredible life of Muhammad Ali.  Check it out on Amazon here.


9. Fantasy Football Mug- $13.95

Father's Day Sideline Socialite Fantasy Football Mug

Some guys live and die by fantasy football and if that’s your guy, and he likes to enjoy a hot cup of joe in the mornings then hook him up with this for Father’s Day!

10. Pilsner 16 oz.- $30

Father's Day Sideline Socialite Pilsner

If he’s going to drink a beer while watching the game, he might as well do it with a little style.  I love this little detail on these pilsner glasses.  Choose between a golf ball, baseball, football, or basketball here.





  1. These are all such great ideas!! And that mug with the hoop is precious. My husband played basketball all through school and I'm sure he'd flip over something like that! Love the roundup! xo, Alice
    1. Thanks for checking it out Alice! Yep, basketball sounds about right! I remember your husband being super tall!
  2. Great gift ideas! I love the heat pad one, because the husband does do exercising and does often get aches. So this would be a perfect gift. Even the cufflinks are cool!
    1. Thanks for checking it out Heather! My husband was just saying this morning how his back was hurting him! The heating pad is definitely on my "to order" list!
    1. Maybe the mug will give him good mo-jo when he makes his picks next season, haha! Thanks for reading Lindsey!
    1. Thank you Nicole! Those cufflinks are pretty awesome, especially if your dad or husband is a baseball fan.
  3. This is an awesome roundup! I know my hubs would appreciate that tshirt and city map glass. And I'm pretty sure my littles one would love that hoop bowl. So cute!
    1. Thanks for checking it out Linh! I made a few purchases from the list myself and am so happy that I am not going to have to run around this weekend!
    1. Thanks Catherine! My dad wants the same thing every year (movie theater passes) but my husband is the challenge.

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