Fall Refresh For A Small Space

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Confession. I have been decorating for fall since the first week of September, y’all! I love fall most of all and I am not ashamed to admit it! I have been checking daily waiting for the store to carry fresh pumpkins! The porch is decked out, the mantle is fall-ified, and the dining table is pretty much Thanksgiving ready. As I looked around, I realized that the larger areas in the house got a lot of love, but what about the smaller areas? Here are 3 ways to give a fall refresh for a small space in your home.

Fall Refresh For A Small Space Half Bath decor walmart

1. Choose Your Color Palette

I chose our half bathroom for my small space refresh which has pretty distinct colors that I could pull from for my fall refresh. When we moved we had the cabinets painted dark green and found an amazing black and white patterned tile for the space. When shopping at Walmart I found the perfect framed canvas with rich fall colors that I wanted to incorporate in my small space. From there I was able to pull in other elements that fit in that color scheme. It was also really easy to pull in neutrals, like the wood of the picture frame, and the woven trash can.

Fall Refresh For A Small Space Half Bath decor walmart

Walmart Home was my go to store for my fall refresh because it’s my one stop shop for everything I need decor-wise. Not only can I find everything that I need at one place, if I don’t have time to go into the store, can get me what I need with free shipping with my Walmart+ membership.

Fall Refresh For A Small Space Half Bath decor walmart

2. Fragrance Is Everything

One of the things that gets me in the mood for fall right away is a great pumpkin spice candle! You can instantly transform a place with a great smelling candle no matter how big or small. Cameron loves WoodWick candles because of the crackling sound they make and I love them because they give off such great fragrance for a long period of time. Perfectly inviting for the bathroom! Walmart has a variety of WoodWick candles to choose from in order to make your space feel more festive for the season.

Fall Refresh For A Small Space Half Bath decor walmart

I also was able to snag the cutest pumpkin soap dispenser which is another great way to add the fragrances of fall to a small space like a bathroom. Not only does the hand soap smell great, it is super cute as decor!

Fall Refresh For A Small Space Half Bath decor walmart

3. Bring On The Foliage

When it comes to decorating any space, I think it’s important to add an element of foliage. Whether you are a house plant pro, or stick to faux plants, adding something that is living (or looks like it) is a definite “do”. For my space I found really great faux plants that added so much to the neural colors that were already there in my small space. There’s nothing like a pop of green foliage to make the space pop. And in fall, what’s better than adding a festive fall floral arrangement?

Fall Refresh For A Small Space Half Bath decor walmart

While decorating the bigger areas of my home usually gets the most attention, extending the festivities to the smaller spaces brings me joy too! Challenge yourself this year to pick a small space in your home to give a little seasonal love to this fall.

If you are like me, then you have already decorated the main gathering areas in your home for the fall. But what about those small spaces? Check out my fall small space refresh for tips and ideas this season!


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