DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

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Now that I have 4 short weeks to go before Hendrix makes his debut, it’s time for me to tie up loose ends in baby prep mode.  The crib is set up, his clothes have been washed, and though my hospital bag is not officially packed, I have thought about what I need to put in it, so that’s something!  Being that this is my second child, it is really easy to be more lax about things that you were so adamant about with the first child.  In an effort to make Hendrix’s arrival just as special as his big sister’s, I sat down this weekend and crafted a baby hospital door wreath as unique as his name.

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

As I worked on this baby hospital door wreath, it got me thinking about some of my favorite milestones with a new baby.  The first time that he will roll over, the first time he will say “mama” (and I know he will say mama before he says dada, despite what my husband thinks), the first little tooth that comes in, and his first time experimenting with food.  When the time comes for Hendrix to graduate to a little rice cereal using Gerber® Pure® Water is the perfect thing to mix in and is specially purified for babies.

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

If Hendrix is as great of an eater as Cami was, stocking up on Gerber® Pure® Water is a must for me. With a couple gallons in tow from Walmart, I was able to get ahead of the game for when it comes time for baby boy to have his first rice cereal.

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath


Foam Wreath Form

Yarn (I used two colors that would match the baby’s room)

Twine (I used grey)

Ribbon (two colors)

Clothes Pins

Small Chalkboard

Letter Cut-outs

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

Start by applying hot glue on the top half of the foam wreath form.  The first half of the wreath will all be wrapped in your main color.  The hot glue will hold the beginning of the yarn wrapping in place.

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

Adhere the tail end of the yarn to the glue and begin wrapping the yarn around the foam wreath form making sure that each loop around is right next to the one before it (you don’t want to see any white space between the yarn strands.)  As I wrapped, I glued  so that the yarn would stay in place.  Wrap a little, glue a little until you have wrapped the the top half.

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

Now it’s ribbon time! Choose the color you would like and wrap the ribbon at the beginning of the bottom half of the foam form (flush with the top half yarn you already wrapped).  I wrapped the teal ribbon around the wreath twice making sure to adhere the tail end of the ribbon with hot glue before I started wrapping.  What you do to one side, do to the other so that there are two ribbon bands on both sides of the yarn.

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

On top of the teal ribbon add a pop of color (I did here with orange yarn).  Glue the tail end down with hot glue and then wrap the yarn the same way you did the main color yarn right down the middle of the ribbon.

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

The fun part about this simple DIY is that you can really make it for own.  I used the colors of Hendrix’s room but you can use whatever colors you like.  I used a burlap striped ribbon that I wrapped around the foam once and followed it with a vibrant green ribbon.  On top of the green ribbon I layered on the orange yarn and on top of the orange yarn I added a band of grey twine.  The layers and textures really make this project pop!

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

When the foam was completely covered it was then time to add the twine line that would hold the letters of the baby’s name.  This was as easy as knotting the twine at either end of the top of the wreath and cutting off the excess twine.

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

DIY Baby Hospital Door Wreath

Using the clothespins, I attached the letters to my twine. To finish the project I added a chalkboard that was attached by the teal ribbon.  On the chalkboard I wrote “date, weight, length” which I will fill in on his birthday before the wreath is placed on the hospital door.




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  1. I love this! Our youngest is two years old and I wish I would have been better prepared to make something fun like this for her delivery. Better yet, I should have made this a fun craft for her big sister - she would have LOVED that! #client

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