3 Ways to Connect With Your Infant

I know at times it can be difficult to connect with a baby who can’t talk and has a limited range of emotions, but I am convinced that they are soaking any and everything up and want nothing more but to be close and to connect with you. Today I am sharing 3 ways to connect with your infant.


6 Tips For Breastfeeding Like A Boss + Resource Guide

Breastfeeding and pumping are the hardest, most disciplined things I’ve ever done in my adult life. In my decision to exclusively breastfeed Hendrix I have encountered bleeding and damaged nipples, mastitis, clogged ducts, latching issues, and oversupply all in the first month! I felt compelled to write this post because 1. I wanted to document the journey 2. have found that there is so much solace in knowing you aren’t alone (I’d love for you to feel like you are not alone if you have had difficulty) and 3. I have found so many great resources in my quest to breastfeed like a boss that I want to share with you.


6 Tips on How to Take Awesome Photos of Your Kids

For those who don’t know, my husband Cameron is a professional photographer in both fashion and lifestyle photography. I asked Cameron to give me a few takeaways on how to take awesome photos of your kids so that you too can capture those fleeting moments. The best part, you don’t have to be a professional!


Close to Silent Nights with DockATot

As I started getting closer and closer to the delivery of our son, I noticed that our daughter Camilla was having more and more difficulty sleeping. I knew that it wouldn’t fly when the baby arrived and something needed to be done. With the help of DockATot we were able to aid Cami in kicking her sleep regression just in time for the arrival of her baby brother.