Baby Boy Name Reveal + 9 Month Update with BYRDEES

Holy smokes!  Has it been 9 months already?!  J/K, I have felt everyday of these 9 months being pregnant with this boy, haha!  This last trimester has brought on a lot of cool things though.  I had an awesome Star Wars themed baby shower thrown by friends, I finally got my act together and started putting together his nursery, and I am really starting to dig what I am seeing in boy’s clothes (before I thought all the cute stuff went to girls).  One brand that I am loving that is dedicated just for boys is BYRDEES (and no, this isn’t even a sponsored post!)

Baby Boy Name Reveal + 9 Month Update with BYRDEES Boy names, Boy's Fashion

Baby Boy Name Reveal + 9 Month Update with BYRDEES Boy names, Boy's Fashion

Designed by a boy mom in my home town these are the cutest, most well made shorts I have come across thus far!  I know I have about a minutes worth of experience in boy’s fashion, but when I think about having a little boy of my own, I think of all things rough, dirty, and adventurous.  I definitely need to know that his clothes will withstand everyday wear and tear.  With their motto #justsaynotocargo you already know that the brand is all about our boys being stylish as well as comfortable. I can’t wait for my son to rock these shorts!  Although he is not here yet, he already has a couple pair of BYRDEES waiting on his arrival! Because of my hometown hook-up, get 30% off shorts for your littles by entering the code “sidelinesocialite” at checkout…you’re welcome!

Baby Boy Name Reveal + 9 Month Update with BYRDEES Boy names, Boy's Fashion

It felt appropriate to use my love of BYRDEES to reveal my son’s name. Cool clothes+Cool name seemed to make sense.  Get ready world!  Hendrix Kenneth Bertuzzi is coming in hot in a few weeks. Cameron and I came up with the name Hendrix before I was even pregnant with Cami.  One evening we were watching a documentary about the origins of Christmas.  One of the historians on the show had the last name Hendricks.  I said the name out loud and we both looked at each other and said “that would be a cool name for a boy”, and that was that.  We have kept that name tucked away for about 3 years now.  Kenneth is my dad’s name.  Since Hendrix will be the first boy in our family in a long time, we felt my dad needed some props for enduring so many girls until now!

Baby Boy Name Reveal + 9 Month Update with BYRDEES Boy names, Boy's Fashion

Camilla is really coming around to the thought of a baby brother.  She loves to feel my stomach when he is moving or hiccuping (which is often), She loves to carry her baby doll around and try to change its diaper, and she loves to rest her head on my huge stomach.  In preparation for Hendrix’s room, we went to Ikea and pumped the trip up by telling Cami we had to get some things for her baby brother.  Somehow that translated in her mind that we were picking up her baby brother at Ikea.  Needless to say, she was disappointed when we left Ikea without her baby brother! Getting her prepared has had it’s highs and lows.  After setting up the furniture in Hendrix’s room we noticed a sleep regression with Cami waking up 3, sometimes 4 times a night and being super clingy.  But we have also had tons of fun getting her involved in process.  The countdown is seriously on and the thing that I am most excited about is for Cami to finally meet and hold her baby brother, Hendrix.






  1. How Awesome. Love the name and the reasoning behind it. You creativity and originality makes your Blog so interesting as well as thought provoking. Much ❤️

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