Who’s This Jordan Hamilton Guy?

Well, it looks like the Houston Rockets are on the fast track to the play-offs.  They just had their 40th win of the season, and if you are not on the Rockets bandwagon by now, then it’s time to hike your skirt up girlfriend and hop on (especially if you are a Houstonian…this is the only professional team that’s good in this town!)

So the Houston Rockets just got a new player traded from the Denver Nuggets, Jordan Hamilton.  Unfortunately with this trading business you have to give up a player to get a player and my boo Aaron Brooks was the sacrificial lamb!

Aaron Brooks

Me and Aaron Brooks, hanging out as we often do.

So I am kind of bitter about the whole thing to say the least.  So today I decided to look into who this Jordan Hamilton guy is (because I am headed to the game tomorrow) and what I found was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  Jordan Hamilton is boring.  Sorry guys, no juice.  Here is what he looks like if you are interested…womp.


According to The Houston Chronicle he has been scoring a lot of points for a newbie and has been quickly adjusting to his new digs…which I can appreciate. If you are interested in learning more about the trade you can click here but trust me, He’s BORING.


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