LeBron James- The King Of The NBA The King Of Our ...

LeBron James- The King Of The NBA The King Of Our Hearts

Last night the Miami Heat lost to my beloved Houston Rockets.  As some of you may know, I manage a suite at the Toyota Center and as I was scheduling clients for the Rockets vs. Heat game I quickly noticed I had to turn people away because of all the hubbub!  After doing minimal research I discovered that people were not interested in seeing the Rockets at all, but it was all about LeBron James.  LeBron is pretty much a household name, but I didn’t know much about him other than the fact that he is a big deal, so I dug a little deeper (so that you wouldn’t have to), and of course he is now my latest boo-thang!  I seriously love this guy and here’s why…

The Only Stats You Need To Know about LeBron Raymone James:

Team: Miami Heat
Age: 30
From: Akron, Ohio
Salary: $92 million career NBA Salary: The NBA’s highest paid athlete

Why I Love Him:

1) Made $33 million in endorsements last year including: McDonalds & Samsung and signed a 7 year $93 million contract with Nike straight out of high school…while I was deciding whether it was a good idea to join a sorority or not LBJ was making it rain!

2) He’s a man about his Bizzz-nesssss: Part owner of Liverpool FC Soccer Team…diversity of investments.

Miami Estate

Akron Compound

3) He owns some serious real-estate: Miami Estate $9 mil…NBD, and his home in Akron is a mere 35,000 square feet


4) He married his high school sweetheart and proposed to her with a $300,000 engagement ring.  They have two sons, LeBron James Jr. and Bryce Maximus James

Photo Source: Instagram/KingJames

Photo Source: Instagram/KingJames


5) Although he is rich and famous, he is a family man who likes to stay low-key

6) Style 4 DAYZZZZZZZZ! I Love, love, love his style.  For more on LeBron’s style check out Her Pink Jersey with the latest on sports culture, fashion, & lifestyle!

Even when he recently broke his nose, he tried to swag out a face mask by making it Zorro like (which I think is kinda’ hot)!  Unfortunately the NBA told him that he couldn’t wear his custom mask and now he is stuck with the regular old clear mask us commoners have to wear.  UGH!  More on “The Mask Controversy of 2014” here…what does mask color have to do with if the boy can make some baskets?!



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