Tips for Tailgating

My experience with tailgating is not very extensive, I have to admit.  I went to a small state school (Sam Houston State University home of the mighty bearkats…eat ’em up Kats!) During my 4 years at SHSU our football team was kind of whack.  I remember times when the school would allow students to go to the games for free if they sat on the opposing team’s side just to fill the seats and I was one of the ones over there cheering on the wrong side!  Of course after I graduated SHSU football got awesome and they went on to win several conferences. There is even a wait list to get tickets to games and season tickets…go figure.  From the handful of tailgate parties that I have been to, I have gleaned a few tips for tailgating that every tailgate party hostess should know.

Tips for Tailgating Sideline Socialite

1. Have a theme.

My favorite thing about planning any party or get together is the theme.  I don’t think that tailgating is exempt from that!  Naturally your theme is going to be whatever team you are cheering for with football elements tied in.  Go all out when it comes to your team colors too!

Tips for Tailgating Sideline Socialite

Tips for Tailgating Sideline Socialite

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, tailgating can be expensive!

Planning a tailgate on a budget?  Don’t be afraid to ask friends that will be in attendance to bring something!  Get them in on the action and ask them to bring a dish or drink that is football and/or team theme related.  If you are in need of equipment or gear, ask one of your guests if they can bring you that extra cooler!  After all, tailgating is about coming together with the common goal of cheering your team to victory, isn’t it!  Don’t be shy in asking others to help a sister out!

Tips for Tailgating Sideline Socialite

Tips for Tailgating Sideline Socialite

3. Think outside the box with your decorations.

Your tailgate doesn’t have to have drab decor.  Incorporate cute banners like this super easy to create DIY astroturf banner that you will be able to use over and over again! Coordinating blankets and pillows are also great additions especially when football season gets cooler.  These are all things that you can use time and time again which will definitely be more bang for your buck and really will make your tailgate unique.

Tips for Tailgating Sideline Socialite

4. Dress Comfortably

Tailgating isn’t for wimps!  You typically begin setting up for tailgating several hours before the game actually starts. Then, you have a 3 hour game followed by 1-2 hours of clean up!  I know that looking cute on game day is also important but take into consideration the long hours on your feet and in the elements (tailgaters are out there in the rain, sleet, and snow!)  Finding cute and comfortable clothing in your team colors is super easy without feeling like you have to break the bank buying official team clothing.  I definitely would NOT recommend wearing heels as it can be a long walk from the parking lot to the stadium and back.  Here are a few shoes I do recommend.

Tips for Tailgating Sideline Socialite

Tips for Tailgating Sideline Socialite

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Tips for Tailgating Sideline Socialite




  1. Kimberly

    19 October

    We love your blog so much and support all that you do! So much so that we’ve featured you on our 100 Millennial Lifestyle Bloggers of Color list! Thank you for all you do! -

    • Brittany Bertuzzi

      20 October

      How awesome Kimberly! Thank you so much! That's super cool!

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