Cocktail: Strawberry Hard Apple Cider Cooler

When I started thinking about this post it was my intension to post a cocktail that was light, cool, and refreshing, and perfect for those warm spring days.  And, it is that however, I have no idea where my warm spring days went as I sit here in my jacket in the 50 degree weather! Nevertheless I want to share this cocktail recipe for a Strawberry Hard Apple Cider Cooler that is spring time in a glass!


Super Bowl DIY: Football Helmet Drink Stirrers

When hosting a Super Bowl party, hot wings and cheesy dip isn’t going to cut it for the biggest game of the year, with the biggest televised audience, held in the state where everything is bigger! For a super easy DIY to transform your cocktails, check this out for your Super Bowl party!


Big Game Cocktail: Blue 42 Moscow Mule

Initially attracted to the Moscow Mule because I totally dig the look of copper mugs, I finally tried one and found them to be delicious! The Blue 42 Moscow Mule is Texas twist on a classic. The winner is…winner of the Jake Owen Tickets announced in the post plus and a free download Super Bowl recipe guide in today’s post.


Election Day Cocktail: Salted Caramel White Russians

I can’t believe we are here. Election day already, the BIGGEST “game day” The United States has seen in a long time! Hopefully by now those of you who can have early voted and you are poised to be glued to the TV until the winner is announced. For those of you who had to wait until today to vote then you will find this post really comforting at the end of the day because you will need a stiff drink after waiting in long lines. My plan tonight is to put my angel down for bed, hop in my pj’s, eat left over chili followed by my election themed sugar cookies in bed, and watch til there’s a winner (if I can stay up that long.) The “milk” for my cookies will be this salted caramel coated, decked out white Russian because…vodka…that’s what we’ll need to make it through folks!


Election Day Cocktail: Pudding Shots with Sugar Cookies

I can not believe that election day is finally upon us! Whether you are right, left or somewhere in the middle I think we all can agree that it’s a good time to have a drink! With the help of a little food coloring…and vodka, white chocolate pudding can be transformed into festive election day party shots that even both parties could agree on as being delicious and pretty stinking cute!