Sweet Bourbon Peach Lemonade

Summer is coming to a close, or so they say.  I couldn’t tell you because it’s 95 degrees with 100% humidity in Houston.  Maybe I will see cooler temps in February. Until then I will keep creating cool cocktails that are perfect to sip on until my side of the country decides to switch to chill weather. Now that football season has started, my mind has been at work creating drinks appropriate for game watching. Inspired by my recent trip to Georgia, I thought nothing was more appropriate than a peach cocktail with a little whiskey to bring in that southern kick. Whether you are a bulldogs fan or falcon fan, this sweet peach cocktail will refresh anyone no matter the game.Sweet Bourbon Peach Lemonade Game Day Cocktail Georgia peach

Hurry, get to the store and get all the peaches! For my cocktail I found the best in season peaches which really set the stage for this delicious cocktail. I also recently discovered a few peach hybrid varieties (pleach= plum + peach combo…I know…mind blown) that I am looking forward to creating with in the next few weeks.

Sweet Bourbon Peach Lemonade
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  • 6 Cups Tropicana Essentials Peach Passion
  • 1 Cup Ripe Peach Slices
  • 1 Cup Burbon
  • Fresh Peaches for Garnish
  • Thyme for Garnish


  1. In a blender combine the peach passion juice and sliced peaches and blend until smooth. Then pour in a large pitcher.
  2. Add bourbon stirring to combine. Chill until ready to serve
  3. Fill glasses with ice and garnish with fresh peaches and thyme.

Even if you are not a Georgia fan, you will be a BIG fan of the Sweet Bourbon Peach Lemonade, perfect for summer’s end. Cheers to the fall!Sweet Bourbon Peach Lemonade Game Day Cocktail Georgia peach


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