How I Am Streamlining Christmas Shopping This Year

I feel like my toddler’s social calendar is way more active than mine ever is!  I seriously think that every weekend she has some sort of birthday party or play date to attend. As I went shopping this past week for a few birthday gifts for said parties Cami has coming up, it got me thinking about Christmas being a mere 7 weeks away.  Now that we have two kids and Cami definitely is more in tune with holidays and the anticipation of the holidays, I want to make sure that she understands the true meaning of Christmas at an early age.  This has always been important to me and something that I looked forward to instilling in my children even before they were a thought in my mind.  For me, the Christmas season is more about the goodness of the season itself and very little about the gifts.  I am looking forward to making memories with my family and those are my “gifts”.  I hope that my children will also see the importance of that one day. Since this will be the first year that Cami really knows what’s going on with the whole Christmas thing, I decided to go ahead and start her expectation level the right way for our family by streamlining some things early on.

How I Am Streamlining Christmas Shopping This Year

How I Am Streamlining Christmas Shopping This Year

Typically when I go shopping Cameron will be home with the kids or I will take one and my husband and I divide and conquer.  I find this to be the most manageable way to ensure that I will walk out of the store with all the items I set out to get and my sanity.  When I take my son I am sure to have my Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock because it’s compact, so convenient, and quick to set up on the cart. Not to mention, I love not having to haul around the car seat.

How I Am Streamlining Christmas Shopping This Year

How I Am Streamlining Christmas Shopping This Year

When shopping for Cami’s birthday friends I wanted to make sure she had a hand in picking out their gift and I will do the same this Christmas.  I want her to see and feel the joy of giving and I am excited to take her to pick out a gift from her, to her daddy and brother this year.

How I Am Streamlining Christmas Shopping This Year

How am I streamlining Christmas for my kids this year?  I’m glad you asked!  This year the kids will get 4 things:

Something they WANT

Something they NEED

Something to WEAR

Something to READ

I am so excited about streamlining Christmas because it really cuts down any stress there is when it comes to gift buying. I know that my kid’s grandparents, aunts, and uncles will give them gifts, but this system will teach my kids early on that the holidays are not about the amount of gifts you get but the thought behind them and giving to others.

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