James Harden: The NBA All Star Fashionista

James Harden: The NBA All Star Fashionista

This past weekend was the NBA All Star game in good ole NOLA.  Fans and players alike moseyed down to The big Easy to watch the spectacle that is NBA All Star weekend.  For those of you who are asking “what’s the big deal about the NBA All Star game?”  Here is all you need to know: The best players from Eastern NBA teams and the best players from Western NBA teams come together and play each  other.  There are other contests that happen throughout the weekend like who can slam dunk better…blah.  Lots of celebs go (Queen Bey was there) and tickets to the different events and games go for a gazillion dollars.  It’s basically the Super Bowl of basketball, sort of.

A little known fact about The NBA All Star game is that it is a fashion show of sorts.  Players get to strut their stuff on and off the court which gives us an inside look into what their style is. This year Sideline Socialite crowns James Harden (The Beard himself) as the FASHIONISTA of THE NBA ALL STAR GAMES.  The pictures tell it all…


Here he is giving us a Mr. T meets Versace look.  See more here


YAAAAAAAS…red pants high step!



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