Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Gifts for Him Under $50


  1. Buffalo Plaid Flannel-There’s just something about a man in buffalo plaid that just gets me goin’…IDK like, he can go swing an ax and then go cook me some stew #hott –Nordstrom $46.56
  2. Sports Watch– This comes in many team logos from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA — $24.45
  3. Tile Locating Device–  If I got a dollar every time my sweetie says “have you seen my key’s/wallet” I would be rich!–Target $29.99
  4. Whiskey Stones– These keep cocktails cold without watering them down.  Use them over and over by popping them in the freezer.–Men’s Society $21
  5. Marvelous Tee– Great gift for dad or your baby daddy especially with Marvel-mania…seriously, it’s like there is a new Marvel movie out every other month!–Amazon $19.99
  6. Underwear– Cameron gets underwear just about every Christmas.  It sounds lame but he loves it I think because that’s not something you just buy yourself as much as you should.  Heck, I still actively wear undies from high school!  These won’t bunch and breath easily– (2-pack) $23.99
  7.  Monogrammed Duffle Bag– Great if your guy travels a lot or as a gym bag.  I love the personalization! — Etsy $44
  8. Eat, Sleep, Football Tee– The perfect tee for the football lover — Etsy $14.99
  9. Desktop Organizer– If your hubby is like mine, he needs a little organization on this side of the bed!  This super cool organizer will charge his phone, hold his wallet, watch, keys, pen, and glasses! — Etsy $29.99
  10. Nike Tee– Dri-FIT for working out AND super soft for staying in — Paragon Sports $29.99
  11. Wrap Bracelet– I’m totally down for a man who accessorizes.  This hand painted bracelet is cool, manly, and a little hipster and I’m lovin’ it! — Etsy $25



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