Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

Easy Baseball Wreath

I must admit, I am not a true blue baseball fan.  There, I said it!  Maybe in the days of yore it was America’s favorite past time, but I am pretty sure America’s favorite past time now is Netflix and chilling!  Baseball is a sport that just does too much and at the same time does too little to keep me entertained.  Like, seriously 9, 10, 11 innings?!  Too much! Maybe there are hits, maybe you walk, literally to a base.  Too little!  That being said, maybe 2 or 3 years ago, my husband Cam started getting into watching it on TV.  The nerve of him!  On a typical Sunday afternoon he would be watching the game and I would doze off for a good 2-3 hour nap, which was amazing now that I think about it.  I don’t want to completely give baseball a hard time.  I will be the first to admit that I like the experience of going to a game rather than just watching it on TV.  The hot dogs, and the popcorn, and the beer.  The organ music playing to pump up the crowd, the mascot making fun of the ref.  All of those things I like and can enjoy for maybe a max of 7 innings.  Up until last year Houston has been pretty quiet on the baseball front, but this season something must be in the water because we have one of the best teams in the league and even I can’t help but have a little pride in the fact that the Houston Astros are flipping awesome!  To honor the fact that my city is representing well, and to acknowledge that I may be in the minority when it comes to the love of the game, I wanted to share this easy DIY Baseball Wreath with you so that you too can show your pride right on your front door.

Easy DIY Baseball Wreath


Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

Base Set

Wood Stain (I used the color weathered grey)

Baseball Stitch Tape

Fat Black permanent Marker

Leather Hole Punch

Paint Thinner

Sticky Letters

Paint Stirrer

Pre-made Bow (or Ribbon to make your own) In your team’s colors


Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

In order to give your base a dirty/worn look use the stain to make it happen.  I found that the stain on it’s own was too saturated. To thin it out I used paint thinner and that did the trick to give it a dusty color.  Pour a little thinner on a sponge, dab the stain on and swirl that sponge around on your base.

Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

The stain works like a charm and is permeant on the rubber base.  Give it about 30 minutes to dry after you are satisfied with the look of your base.

Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

Around the outer edge of the base, use your permanent marker to color in the edge.  It will look streaky and that’s the look we are going for.  That worn and weathered look.  I love the way the black makes this project pop and it’s super easy to just color that edge in.

Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

When your stain is dry, it’s time to place the fun baseball stitch tape.  I placed the tape on the corners of the base and cut the roll on the diagonal.

Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

The letters come on sheets but in order to eye-ball placement, I cut them out to create the phrase “No Place Like Home”.  When you are satisfied with that placement stick those bad boys on!  It is ok if your letters overlap on the stitch tape but if you would like to choose smaller letters, that works too.

Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

Now it’s time for the finishing touches.  I found it super easy to get holes for the chord to go through to hang the wreath by using a leather hole punch.  Seriously, get one just to have, you’ll never know when you need it again, but when you DO need it, it’s a life saver! I glued a paint stirrer on the top of the base because I found that without the support the base would roll.  The paint stirrer keeps it flat for your baseball wreath to hang flush against the door.

Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

Last but not least, attach your bow to the parachord.  I made my bow because I wanted something that was in the orange team colors of the Houston Astros.  I used thin wire to make the bow and used that same wire to attach it to the parachord.

Easy DIY Baseball Wreath

I really love how this simple DIY baseball wreath adds a bit of fan flare to my door.  I don’t mind keeping something like this up for the length of baseball season! Make it your own with your team’s colors!

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