DIY: Tailgate Astroturf Football Banner

I recently got a new, more family friendly car, so I wanted to make sure that when it came to decorating my tailgate it would make my new car look good too. So off to the store I went and it wasn’t your typical craft store this time. This time I took to my local hardware store to create a SUPER easy DIY Tailgate Astroturf Banner and I think it turned out really great!


Olympics Themed Party: Award Platter Stands

For my dining room table I wanted a cool centerpiece that was a definite nod to the Olympics without being too cheesy. I came up with the idea of having graduated stands to hold my platters that would look like the awards stand at the Olympics. Check out my DIY super easy Award Platter Stands that I am pretty excited to have at my Olympics Themed party for the opening ceremonies.