3 Ideas For The Best Easter Basket

Hendrix (my 4 year old) is drawn to the holidays that are usually lower on people’s “favorite holiday” list. Ever since he was a baby he has LOVED Easter. It’s the eggs for him and he’s never gotten over them. Ironically he is allergic to eggs but he is obsessed with the plastic ones. Because this holiday is highly anticipated by the littlest of the Bertuzzi clan I try to make it as special as possible. Only second to the Easter egg hunt is the basket of goodies the kids wake up to every Easter Sunday. Here are 3 tips for making the best Easter basket for your kids this year.

1.Include Items That Keep Kids Busy

This is crucial ya’ll. Most, if not all of your children have a 3-day or 4-day weekend during the Easter holiday. Include Easter basket items that keep them engaged and busy. Hendrix is 4 and loves sensory type toys. Items like Easter play-doh kits are great when paired with plastic eggs. He loves to cram all the play-doh in the eggs with small toys and that will keep him entertained for an hour! Camilla loves crafts and coloring. Easter themed coloring books, crafts that require assembly, and bracelet making kits with spring color beads are all things that she would love to get into during her time off for the holiday.

2.Include Items Or Toys Your Kids Will Instantly Love + Are Unique To Them

We all know that kids can get a toy that they are really excited about and play with it for 2 minutes or 2 hours! For your kids Easter basket, be sure to include an item or toy that you know they will go crazy over right when they see it. For Hendrix it’s anything Space Jam. I made sure to include Space Jam action figures that I know he will love. For Cami, she’s been all about doing nails lately so I found Easter color polish that I know she won’t be able to wait to get into. I also got her a Roblox gift card (which I didn’t even know existed) but she often asks if she can make in-app purchases and it’s been a hard “no”, until…her Easter basket this year!

3.Include Items Specific To Easter Sunday Activities

I am really excited to give Cami a little token of the holiday showing what Easter is all about. Included in her Easter basket will be a little cross necklace so that she can have a reminder of what Jesus did for her everywhere she goes. Hendrix loves going to church. Period. But as I mentioned in the intro, the boy loves eggs. His Easter basket will definitely have confetti eggs (that he has been asking for since Christmas). We will probably have to let him crack open a few before church just to get it out of his system, haha! Other good ideas are egg decorating and egg dying items.

BONUS: Create an Easter Snacking Spread

On holidays I love having a table dedicated to snacks. This comes in handy especially during those 3-day weekends when the kids have asked you for snacks about 100,000 times.

After breakfast I usually set the table up and the kids (and Cameron) can graze on snacks from the table all day long. I found these bunny crackers the kids will love and are perfect to include in your Easter table spread. Also great to include are fresh fruit (my kids love watermelon wedges and cutie oranges, string cheese, easter cookies or cupcakes, cut raw veggies, and yogurt covered pretzels. Think: kid friendly charcuterie spread!


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