My Star Wars Themed Baby Shower + $75 Gift Card Give Away

A little known fact about me, is that I am kind of a Sci-Fi, Star Wars geek. Naturally when my friends said they were going to throw me a Star Wars Themed baby shower I thought it was the perfect theme as a precursor to the arrival of my little Jedi. All the details of the shower, what I wore, and $75 gift card give away all in today’s post.


5 Tips For Keeping Cool This Summer

It’s no secret that the summer time is my LEAST favorite season. I fully admit that I hate Summer. A lot due to the heat alone but mostly because of the humidity/heat combo we have going on here in Houston. Though being pregnant is a blessing, being pregnant in the summer time is not ideal if you live where I do. Nonetheless, I have hit this summer heat head on at the peak of my pregnancy and have learned a few things along the way to stay cool.