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Now that we are a few weeks into football season, I would venture to guess that you are compiling a few “looks” for game days yourself.  I think the main thing that can make or break a game, is not if your team wins or loses, but if your feet hurt while at the game! Heck, shoes that hurt your feet can ruin your day whether you are standing through a 2.5-hour football game or on your feet giving a presentation at work!  Don’t get me wrong, even I have 3 or 4 pair of shoes in my closet right now that I know I can only wear in 1 hour increments. They are just so darn cute (or an expensive splurge) that I have to suck it up or only wear them to a place where I know I will be seated the majority of the time.

At  a football game however, I wouldn’t make that compromise.  Walking through some parking lots and parking garages to even get to the actual stadium can be half a mile right there!  I understand that some girls, particularly if you are in a sorority, may feel as if high heels are the only shoes that can be worn to a game to go with your strapless dress that is the perfect shade of crimson.  But honey, it only took one time for me to realize that shoes that hurt your feet wile standing up during a full game of football is not for me!  Ain’t nobody got time for that! This does not mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort.  Now that fall is in full swing (sort of), there are so many cute yet comfortable shoes that are ready for you to get your cheer on!  One of my favorite trends in shoes is the chunky heel. A chunky heel added to a boot is a winning combination!

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My favorite thing about the Bamboo Baxter Boot from Shoetopia is the heel.  Talk about the definition of comfort and style!  The heel makes sure you are sturdy whether you are walking through a crowded parking lot full of tailgaters or you are half a mile high in the stands.  The stacked heel gives you added support and comfort from kick off, to the final play.

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The chestnut color is the perfect neutral for the fall.  You can pair this color with virtually anything, whether your team is UT burnt orange, or University of Georgia red, get you a good neutral girl!

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I love that these boots scream “FALL” and that I will be able to wear them with so many outfits beyond game day.  Doesn’t the quilting at the ankle just make you want to throw on a scarf, grab a chi tea, and go to Hobby Lobby and raid their fall decor section (which is what I did minus the scarf, after this shoot, haha!)

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**Thank you to Shoetopia for sponsoring this post!  All thoughts and reviews are 100% my own.


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