New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team- Shirtless+ Wet+ Dancing= Winning!

I love to see a team that comes together defying the odds, you know, one of those underdog stories.  But when you add a shirtless element to it…we ALL win!

And that’s exactly what happened this past weekend when New Zealand All Blacks rugby team defeated England 26-7 Sunday night in the 2014 Hong Kong Sevens Tournament.  I don’t know a whole lot about Rugby (I’ll save logistics on that for another day). But I do know that the players have to be very athletic and be able to withstand getting beat up for the sake of a win. After their win the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team performed the traditional Haka dance in celebration of their win…which it so happened to be raining on the field, which naturally means they had to take their shirts off.  All I can say is “YAAAAAAAS Honey!”  For more details, mainly more stills of them dancing shirtless check out bleacher report


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