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How to make it a Football Sundae

Don’t get me wrong, I love my city (Houston), but after 32 years, I still can’t get down with the heat!  You would think that I would be used to it by now, but nope.  Every year I am still in disbelief that in October it’s still 90 degrees!  Now that Labor Day has come and gone every fiber of me wants to put on boots, flannel, a sweater, and pick up a hot chai on my way in to work!  I have been sticking it to the weather man lately and wearing my booties anyway because it’s fall time dang it!  Only to have the sweatiest ankles this side of the Mason-Dixson line!  So as I try to beat the heat that will undoubtedly last until November, there will always be ice cream!  This Sunday marks the return of professional football and my husband and his buddies couldn’t be more excited.  In thinking of a little watch party planning for the beloved Texans game, I wanted to prepare something that would beat the heat but also seemed appropriate while watching some football.  With the help of my ice cream maker from Zoku I made a few test ice cream sundaes that will be just in time for football Sunday!

Let me tell you something. I’d like to think that I am an ammeter connoisseur of all things ice cream.  Basically if it ain’t Blue Bell, it ain’t ice cream (for those of you in the North that don’t know what Blue Bell is, you are really missing out and if you ever get the chance to come to the South head strait to HEB and get you some!  BUT I must say, the home made ice cream that I made in my Zoku ice cream maker was surprising really good!  It was absolutely creamy and delicious. My husband said it’s the best he’s ever had! Your Zoku ice cream maker comes with a booklet for a few basic ice cream mixes and they also provide you with a website for more recipes.  When you enter the contest at the end of the post, you will also enter to win not only the ice cream maker but an ice cream recipe book as well!

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These are the basic ingredients you will need to make the ice cream mix for vanilla and chocolate (vanilla extract not pictured).

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The Zoku ice cream bowl comes in two pieces.  The inner bowl needs to sit in your freezer a good 12 hours to get nice and frosty.  Once it’s ready you pour your mix into the cold bowl and get to stirring!

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Stir and scrape the sides!  Like magic it starts thickening up and you will see it begin to turn into the consistency of a soft serve.

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You can totally eat it at this consistency (which came after about 3 minutes of stirring).  But, if you want it a little more solid, put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

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And there you have it!  Solid, legit, home made ice cream that literally took 20 minutes to make!

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Now it’s sundae time! An ice cream sundae station would be a great idea to have a your next game day watch party!  Get toppings in the colors of the two teams playing and let your guests decorate their sundae accordingly! I of course had to make sure I got toppings that were representative of the Houston Texans so that’s where I began.

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I used my vanilla ice cream Zoku recipe and then pilled on the blue berries, strawberries, with sliced banana on the side.  It all was starting to seem a little too healthy with all the fruit, so I added a some whipped cream and sprinkles to go with my team’s colors.  Then, I added a cherry on top.  No sundae is complete without a cherry on top!

Bertuzzi-Photography-020 (1)

I wanted to give the chocolate mix a try (which is basically adding cocoa powder to the vanilla mix you already made) so I made this sundae with the Cleveland Browns in mind.  Chocolate ice cream packed with reese’s pieces and mini Hershey bars, and chocolate hot fudge is a chocolate lover’s dream! I added whipped cream with a cherry on top to finish of this “Browns” sundae.


Because I have a friend that is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, I decided to get a little fancy with this one.  As a nod to green I decided to go with a pistachio ice cream mix because I am a sucker for pistachio but often forget that it’s an ice cream flavor!  To get a little gold in there I mashed up a butter finger and sprinkled the pieces on top.  I also put a few coconut flakes on top and sliced banana on the side.  All the flavors combined were surprisingly delicious!

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I can not wait to set up my ice cream sundae station on Sunday when the Texans play!  The Zoku ice cream maker makes portions that are perfect for an individual serving or for two to share.  I plan on making several batches the night before and storing it in the freezer until game time!

Don’t forget to enter to win the give away for a chance to win your own Zoku ice cream maker and the ice cream maker recipe book!

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**Thank you to Zoku for sponsoring this post, as always the opinions are all my own!



  1. This looks delicious. I always want to try ice cream recipes, but some how they always seem a little complicated. I have the Zoku popsicle maker and I love it. It's so awesome, so I will have to check this out.

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