The Cyclops of Sochi- Bob Costa Eye Issue2014

The Cyclops of Sochi- Bob Costa Eye Issue2014

If you haven’t been watching the 2014 Winter Olympics, and let’s face it, most of you aren’t, then you have missed the Cyclops of Sochi himself Bob Costa!  Bobby has been suffering from a minor eye infection that he  contracted when he arrived in Sochi.  Sochi doctors examined his eye and assured him that it was a minor infection and would clear up within a few days…fast forward to a few days and the infection has now spread to the other eye.  Poor Bobby can’t get a break.  If you ask me, Bobby-boy should have known better than to put his hands anywhere near his face while in Sochi with conditions like this

Yep, this is what the water looks like in the athletes quarters in Sochi

And this packet of honey complete with a bee inside

And God forbid you have to go to the restroom!

In conclusion, I blame Bob Costa’s eye issue on Bob Costas!  In my opinion everyone in Sochi should be walking around in hazmat suits!



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