Best Of: Athletes in Commercials Top 5 Picks

When you are a professional athlete, especially if you are any good, part of the perks and most of your money comes from endorsements.  Athletes are NOT actors…unless you are James Harden trying to force a foul (ba-dum ching!) Some of these athletes think they are in fact actors and try to take it to the next level (let’s give a big eye roll to Kazam and Space Jam) but really most if not all athletes should stick to just being awesome at sports things. That being said, some of the commercials featuring athletes are really REALLY hard to swallow, but when you see a good one, it needs to be celebrated! Here are some of my fave athletes in commercials that aren’t completely cringe worthy.

1. Blake Griffin as a Spartan for Kia

I really could do this whole post on Blake Griffin commercials because 1. I LOVE me some Blake and 2. For an athlete, he’s a really good actor.  I highly doubt Blake Griffin drives a Kia, but he kills it in all his Kia commercials!  Here’s another one that I love.

2. LeBron James is Just One of Us Y’all in this Samsung Commercial

I love this commercial because it gives us a glimpse of LeBron just being a regular guy.  He needs hair cuts just like the rest of us.  Cute that we get to see his interaction with his wife and kids too.  This commercial is good because he is just being Lebron from the block and not LeBron multimillion dollar basketball player who travels on the court a lot without being called on it…just sayin’…

3. Tony Romo as Someone’s Slightly Creepy Gay Uncle in a Commercial for DIRECTV

T-bone dug deep for this one and knocked it out of the park in my opinion.  The costuming is amazing and Tony’s acting is top notch.  I am definitely not a Cowboys fan, but, seeing Tony like this makes me slightly warm and fuzzy towards the navy and silver.

4. Misty Copeland Wakes Up Like This Everyday in this STUNNING Under Armour Commercial

I mean…I can’t with Misty.  Normally I can a little bit with Misty, but with this commercial I simply can’t!  She is the most beautiful, graceful, fiercest ballerina that I have ever seen and that body… can’t do it ya’ll.  I love the message of this ad and it’s shocking every time I listen the narrative that she was rejected so many times!  CRAY-CRAY.

5. Chris Paul Double Take with a Stephen Curry Cameo in this State Farm Commercial

Chris Paul’s acting has been mediocre at best in these State Farm commercials but I love the little kids!

And Here’s One for the Road Just Because My Husband and I Always Make Fun of the Way Dwight Howard says “better”



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