Baseball: 3 Things To Love About America’s Favorite Past Time

I know that in the past I have given baseball a hard time.  Admittedly it’s not my favorite sport mostly because of the pace. Cameron got on a kick the past few years of watching it on TV and I swear there is a baseball game on every. single. day.  So many games, such a long season!  Since I saw that there was no getting around it, I used the games as a vehicle to take the best naps ever.  The noise of the game in the background puts your girl right to sleep!  Recently I went to a Houston Astros watch party sponsored by Circa Real Estate here in Houston.  We toured one of their beautiful listings in the Historical Heights district, talked about all things beer as it pertains to one of Houston’s premier breweries, Karbach, and watched the ‘Stros game. Watching the game made me realize a few things: 1. the Astros are really good.  Like SUPER good.  Like World Series good. 2. It’s not baseball that I don’t care for, it’s watching it on TV that makes me less enthused about it.  My outing at the Circa event inspired me to round up some of the things I love about watching a baseball game live and at the stadium.

Baseball: 3 Things To Love About America's Favorite Past Time

  1. The Food is the BEST
    I mean, if you have a sport where people write songs about the food, then you must be on to something! Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, hot dogs, beer, cotton candy.  Those are some good eats right there!  At the Astros stadium, there are even carts and kiosks from some of the city’s favorite food trucks which is super cool! Even now as I type, I can smell that glorious popcorn/hot dog smell (or maybe it’s a pregnancy craving!)
    Baseball: 3 Things To Love About America's Favorite Past Time
  2. The Socializing
    Hey.  It’s not a secret that there is typically a lot of down time when it comes to watching a baseball game.  Sometimes you can go several innings without anyone even making it on the score board. During these down times is a great opportunity to catch up with your friends on the latest, haha!  I would even venture to say that going to a game would be a good first or second date.  There is plenty of time to get to know someone!
    Baseball: 3 Things To Love About America's Favorite Past Time
  3. The Camaraderie
    Baseball fans are some of the biggest die-hards of all the sports in my opinion. They will stay until the millionth inning if need be, they love high-5ing complete strangers, and what I have found to be true is that they have been fans of the same team since they could pronounce the word “baseball”.  When you go to a home game, you can’t help but feel as though the people around you are your family for the next 2 1/2 hours.
    Baseball: 3 Things To Love About America's Favorite Past Time
    Baseball: 3 Things To Love About America's Favorite Past TimeBaseball: 3 Things To Love About America's Favorite Past TimeWhile I may not be completely convinced that baseball still reigns as America’s Favorite Past Time, (I think now a days it’s more like fidgeting with your cell phone) I do think the spirit of the game still runs strong. I even find myself looking forward to seeing how far my home team goes this season.  Go Astros Go!



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