About Sideline Socialite

          My name is Brittany Bertuzzi, and as you can see, I am VERY Italian.  All jokes aside I started this outlet to give people like you insight into what really matters when it comes to the game, and it has nothing to do with sports. Sports are a pretty big deal in Houston and after being put in charge of managing a suite at the Toyota Center, I was forced to become a “fan” of the Houston Rockets with V.I.P. access to all of the games.  At first I was less than thrilled, but as I began to pay attention to (not the game of course) but the players, my eyes were opened and my inner commentary (a cartoon Lizzy McGuire version of myself) wouldn’t shut up!


          If you find yourself rooting for a super bowl team based on whose uniform or team colors are better, or if you leave a sporting event not able to tell anyone the score but you can tell them that the key player really needs a better hair cut, then this blog is for you! Sideline Socialite is your go-to space to know enough about your team to know who’s who without having to get into stats, and points, and all of that nonsense. SS is your way to play ball without getting dirty.